The source code for PHLAWD is available and should be obtained from github.  Compiled versions (usually behind by a version or two) are available here. It is challenging to accommodate for all the scenarios (operating systems, libraries, etc.) so source code is your best bet. It is also the best way to stay up to date with updates. The instructions for installing from source are as follows:

  • Linux

Download the source (or clone the repo). If you have git installed you can just run

git clone git://

Then you will need to compile and install the prerequisites. At this point that includes MAFFT, MUSCLE, quicktree, sqlitewrapped library, and the sqlite3 library.

For UBUNTU users, you can add almost all of these by entering (though compiling MAFFT from source will allow you to use threads)

sudo apt-get install muscle libsqlite3-dev

For quicktree, the source is in the deps directory and you can unarchive that and just do

make && sudo cp bin/quicktree /usr/bin/

For mafft, the source is in the deps directory and you can unarchive that and just do

cd core

edit line 8 of the Makefile removing “#” from

ENABLE_MULTITHREAD = -Denablemultithread


make && sudo make install

Once prerequisites are installed, you can go into the src PHLAWD directory and type

sudo make install

And it should compile. Please search for errors or post errors here.

  • MacOSX

For the time being, there are no specific mac instructions, so you may follow the Linux instructions except you will need to install muscle from source which can be found in the deps directory and can be installed with

make && sudo make install
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